How to plant with water beads?

Published: 07th September 2010
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Crystal soil- It is an attractive hydroponic growing base. Water beads, crystal mud, water gel and water pearls are the other names of crystal soil. Water beads are the miniaturized forms of water absorbent polymers. It serves as a colorful medium for growth. The significance of crystal soil is that they absorb larger quantities of water within them and releases when the surface becomes dry. Crystal soil keeps the moisture content of the soil consistent. So how to plant with crystal pearls? Just keep on reading.

- Soak the water beads in the required or specified quantity of water mentioned by the manufacturer. The time period for soaking is 12 hours. As time passes the water beads expands by absorbing the water.

- Once the crystals have expanded to its maximum dimensions, drain away the excess water.

- Shift the water pearls into the vase. There is no need for drainage holes in the pot when crystal soil is added. Though water pearls are hi-tech products they are best suited for traditional vases too.

- Clean and remove the soil particles from the roots. Cut down the decayed and dead parts of the root. Make sure you are not cutting the living part that is the tap root of the plant.

- Spread the water pearls inside the vase. Place the roots with a gentle touch. Compress the pearls around the base region and this will give a grip to the plants.

- So finally you are relieved from one of the time consuming activities. Yes, it is the watering process. When you use these crystals it is enough to water once in a month.

- When the water absorbed within the crystal is released fully, the crystals go down. This is the indication for adding more water.

The life span of crystal soil is 9 years. It is a proven fact and it releases up to 400 times its weight in water. It enhances seed germination and holds the nutrients near the roots surface. Crystal soil is odorless and non-toxic. Donít allow excess amount of water to stagnate while planting. This may develop an odor with time. You can color transparent crystals on your own with food colors. Mix contrasting color of water beads to give a stunning effect. When layering hydrate colors separately. Avoid crystal soil from the direct exposure of sunlight. This may decolorize the crystals and shorten their life. Crystal soil acts as a reservoir to store and release a steady stream of water and nutrients. You can grow plants without the hassles of dirt.

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